WHHE Teen Group Kick-Off 2015/16 ~SUMMARY

The WHHE Teen Group held their annual Kick-Off on Thursday, September 3rd. The WHHE Teen Group offers teens the opportunity to make connections with other teens through participation in monthly service projects, monthly social events, student council, and yearbook.

The purpose of the Teen Group Kick-Off was to review the purposes of the group, share the group's initial service and social plans, explain the Code of Conduct for Dress, Behavior, and Speech, as well as discuss other general policies that make the group run smoothly. Teen families ready to join the WHHE Teen Group were able to complete the necessary Medical Forms, have forms notarized, and sign the Teen Group Code of Conduct. Teen Group families must also complete additional Teen Group Registration Forms online.

The Teen Group Adult Leadership Team and Teen Group Student Council were introduced to the 30 interested teens and their parents in attendance at the Kick-Off. After a general meeting with parents and teens, the parents met with some members of adult leadership to receive additional information while the teens had their first opportunity to make new friends by playing some "Break the Ice" games.

Interested teens can join the Teen Group at any time. Teens must be age 13 or older, and the teen's family must be WHHE Support Group members in good standing for the 2015/16 membership year before joining the WHHE Teen Group. Additional details about the WHHE Support Group and the WHHE Teen Group can be found here.